Let the dance of life begin

I am here to sound off on anything I feel I need to voice about as well as to share and to have others share with me. My sister locks are what got this started.... so here is to celebration of my 'nappy tresses, my sister locks' and indeed life with all it offers.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

My month-a-versary

I just celibrated two months of living in lockdom and what a journey it has been!! (January 19). I think at this point one of the things that rally stands out in my mind is the 'no product' awakening. I was a bit sceptical about not using anything but the sister lock shampoo but I trust the process and the sistahs that continue to encourage so thats all its been shampoo & water and amazingly my hair has been doing ok. So heres is to simplicity and keeping those things in life which do not need to be complicated 'SIMPLE'
one love

Just some more random thoughts

I had an interesting experience this pass weekend. I was camping some where in the country parts, and as has become customary when I sleep since I have had my sister locks, I use a silk scarf to tie my head at night. Well on the first morning of the camp/retreat we had an early morning that began wiht exercise (set the tone for the day). When I got dressed I simply took of my scarf and ran my fingers through my hair. Usually I spritz with water but the morning air was moist no need. And off I went wow no problems. Makes me now wonder if hair was really meant not to be combed. No gels, sprays or any other type of concoction. A friend who was with me on the week end actually said " I'm jealous" the advantages of having sister locks at this juncture I am one happy camper!!!.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Maybe just maybe

Maybe just maybe could it be I wonder !!!! yesterday I was in the drug store and I was looking at all the products available for black hair care and it dawned on me if all women of African descent had what I like to call the 'awakening' alot of businesses would be out of 'Business' just putting that out there. Just had the thought.
one love still waters

Going / Gone Natural

Ok I have been away for a while and I have lots to say!!! some of the stuff I can't even remember. On lock it up there was a post concerning going natural which prompted me to post the following. Many persons who are traditional hairstlist that specialize in black hair just don't want to take the time to do the research or investigation/s needed to find out what products are available and the how to of taking good care of natural black hair . When I decided to grow into my napps the second time I was on nappturality all the time and the forums were helpful in my choosing products as well as the actually taking care of my hair. It was during this time that I actually became known as a product junkie boy oh boy oyin, ashas, daily defense tender apple are just some of the brands I used (:. What I believe is this like most things in life the are worth having as we Jamaicans would say "if yuh want good yuh nose haffi run" caring for your natural hair takes time. I once thought natural hair meant no more hairdressers and as result no more hair care wrong wrong. The information age allows us all to be in formed and educated so heres what I think in a nut shell do it, get someone who can do natural hair to help you, read, talk and keep asking questions. Many women of african descent do not even know what the natural texture of their hair!!! Just go for it what do you have to lose nothing and to gain beautiful and nautral tresses.
one love still waters

Monday, January 09, 2006

Yes this is addictive!

I see why they say blogging is addictive. I really am looking forward to a healthy head of locks so I pretty much have the same hair style all the time (: unless I use a head band. I have invested in a few I have actually had to restrain myself on some occasions as all I want to do is buy head bands. Although you cannot really see it in this pic I was wearing a beaded one(: This pic was taken on the 17th of December 2005 at dinner thet was held at the university I attend. I am in the middle(: me, some of my friends and collegues. I should add there are 4 out of 6 natural heads.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

More pics

Ok I was trying to do the collage thing but it was not working out so I am adding these pics so you can see what my whole head looks like! WOW it is amazing how much more you see when you take pics!!!! (the left side)

(the middle/back)
(the right side)
(full view of the back)

Finally got some pics

Well ladies & gents now I can put my blog out there ! I wanted to have some pics before I did. I asked my friend Kathy to take these for me so I could use them. My sister locks are 6 weeks old. And did I mention I love my sister locks. I realised something today but I am going to watch it and see what happens I have been washing my locks every week and they are now just about due to be washed now but I am liking how they look now so I think I might extend the intervals between washing to a little more than 7 days which is what I am at now (well lets see what happens)

Saturday, January 07, 2006

I restarted my blog

Well everyone I restarted my blog so the first three posts are not in the order I wanted them but I have started again so here is to blogging a special 'big up' to my sistahs on Lock it up.

I am ready to start sounding off !!!!

Well after much deliberation and waiting to have pics to put on my blog I have decided to start writing and the pics will come. I know I have always been in love with the natural state of my hair but because of the way I was socialised (good hair bad hair) it took me a while and a couple of attempts to get to this stage of being sister locked.YEAH heee heee heee!!!!!. I am feeling a little tired so I will have to continue this .K

Let the dance begin

Ok today I will start to tell the story. I cut off all my permed hair about eight years ago for the first time , because my hair was first processed when I was about 7 I had no idea what my natural texture was. So after growing it out for a couple of weeks I took the plunge and cut it off the lady who did it kept asking if I was sure? I wanted to do it. Well I was so happy when it was done, she put in a texturizer and eventually I let that grow out because I wanted all natural. I did the teeny weeny afro, comb coils and eventually two strand twists. Then one day I became frustrated with having to take down the twists and wash and pit them back in and the job I held at the time was not too thrilled about my natural tresses so they had to be in twists all the time. So I put the creamy crack in!!! my Dad who was not pleased about the big chop was thrilled. I should point out here that I always wanted locks but getting them was always a issue.

More of my story

Ok October 2004 after not processing my hair for about 7 months I did the big chop again this time the goal was to eventually sister lock my hair. Again I put in a texturizer and cut it off in the barber shop because I did not want any chemicals in my hair. Well once that happened I started to experiment I had always wanted to colour my hair and that is what I did and kept doing until summer 05. I wanted my locks to have the lighter tips and because in doing my research I had found out that everything except the sister lock starter shampoo was off limits in the settling phase so I decided to do all my colouring before. I was contemplating doing a transition from a relaxer but I decided after joining the Lock it up group that I did not want to have to deal with the permed ends. So on November 19 my babies were born and I am keeping on. I am thrilled to have them and I follow my consultants instructions braid and band to wash and basically just let my hair alone no setting or blow drying it just air drys!!!! and so far so good. I will try as I mentioned before to post some pics so you can see as well as read.