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I am here to sound off on anything I feel I need to voice about as well as to share and to have others share with me. My sister locks are what got this started.... so here is to celebration of my 'nappy tresses, my sister locks' and indeed life with all it offers.

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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

More stuff for mi hair

Well my DH is back from his trip and I got half of the stuff I asked for my Aveda stuff (: Brunsli and Blaq are my hair product gurus!!! dun know. Well I have yet to try them so I will keep you posted on the results when I do.I wanted some stuff for my skin from origins never got them, so I think I will get Aveda skin stuff instead since he brought back literature on the products and I am looking forward to trying them. I am searching for something new for my skin so lets see what happens(: he also asked me how I plan to use all the products I have for my hair(: I reply I dunno but I think I am on a break hmm for how long???

On another note yesterday I wore my hair in all back with a little elastic you know no big deal (: so my DH is looking at me and says "I love your hair" thought he was going to say "I love you" well you know my heart was full and all I could think was I am happy my honee has admitted he loves my hair(: took a while but it happened.

ps here is to rosemary mint(: thanks Brunsli

one love still

Monday, February 26, 2007

Here goes!!!!

Brunsli said she could not see my pic so here goes (: Does my hair look like it is locking does it????

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Breadfruit, Roast yam & salt fish

The breadfruit tree is my favourite tree I love the leaves. When I was growing up and would spend time with my grandparents they had a big one (breadfruit tree) in the front of the yard I guess some of it is nostalgia (: My DH and I were stuck on Mt. Rosser so I grabbed the camera and took this pic. Roast yam and salt fish is one of the dishes I think the West African slaves who came to Ja. brought it is delish (Rachel Ray coined this I think). The yellow yam and salt fish are put in the open wood fire roasted and then scraped, a little fat (margarine usually) is put on the hot yam and voila its a nice combination...... maybe when you come you can try it.

From across JA

I have been longing to share these pics taken from across JA (Lucea, Runaway bay, Rose Hall, Walkers Wood) So enjoy , I sure did enjoying capturing them (:

one love still

I see a change

I have been noticing a change in my sister locks and then a friend of mine commented on it yesterday (: The locks seem to be sealing on the ends and they do not seem to be as bunchy before. I asked my DH to take these pics last weekend and I like the way they came out so I am sharing them. They were 'carusoed' this was the first time in months(the steam pot had dust on it) I was using my carusos and I was happy with how my locks looked and felt the draw back for me though is the look does not last and it takes a while for me to set): but hey may be with time I will get the hang of it

one love still

Monday, February 12, 2007

I have been Tagged

My friend Brunsli tagged me and so here go the 5 things you do not know about me:
  1. This is my 3rd stint in college I started on 2 previous ocassions and never completed my course. I always knew in my heart I wanted to work with people and food (oh well maybe not in that order). Tried my hand at accounting after my stint in natural sciences (doing biology, mathematics and geology) none of these courses I wanted to do I got to my registration late (following the rules and showing up at the given time) and the chemistry classes were filled (the one courses I wanted to do). Well that did not go too well but I survived(: . And here I am today dietitian/nutritionist in training still not sure exactly where I will end up but I as a friend of mine said to me tonight it will become clear I just sometimes get impatient. I am looking into doing my internship outside Ja, we will see how that goes. kinda want to see the profession at work in another setting.
  2. I have become a techy of sorts I was never into computers and electronics but I have managed to aquire an mp3 player, a digital camera and a webcam all of which i use(: and I am loving every minute of it. Recently became the owner of 'a chocolate' and I am still in the process of finding out all it can do!! sweet (:
  3. I love lotions and potions but you know that oh well I am always looking for something new to try this from the gurl who has sensitive skin!!! (miss glycerine and cetaphil)
  4. First there were three now there are two. I sometimes feel guilty for greiving my brother but I have had a moment of clarity that it was, it will be and all I can do is live not get over it. Love you IPO always will and hope to see you again on the otherside!!!
  5. I have developed a new appreciation of sorts for red wine they run courses here sometimes and as soon as I can I will. I want to know all I can about wines and maybe just maybe one of these days I will make a trek to nappa valley
  6. And the one more in the spirit of my fellow bloggers that have been tagged I love taking photographs of landscapes especially across the countryside. There is some thing therapeutic about looking back at a moment captured in a still.

one love still

who am I gonna tag




Sunday, February 11, 2007

Where have I been

I have been so busy! I feel like I just been going going. I started the last semester of school which is an externship so I am woking (: so far so good. This experience though has taken me away from home albeit close to the DH but away from home. So I have been running. I have been taking pics on my travels across the island and when I remember the cable for my camera I will up load them): the challenge of living in two places at one time. The hair is doing ok I am almost able to make a pony without any danglings. I have been tagged and I have been thinking about some interseting facts I could share with you. Heres another tid bit it has been interesting travelling up & down with my hair stuff you know dont want to get where I am going and think opps I forgot this or that and I am going to need .... so what do I do get two sets(: I will just keep packing up the little travel bag!!! with the essentials for now. Well I will reply to my tag!!! soon

(: one love still