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Monday, August 27, 2007

Life after Dean

Well life has continued but we my family (my DH and I) have much to do we lost pretty much everything (that was in the house we call home) as a result of DEAN's water + wind = roof damage. We now have a major clean up and rennovation on our hands but we are taking it one moment at a time. We have life, each other and our families and so we press on. Added to that is the fact that we are away from home (the house) but none the less we press on. On a hair note this is just one more time its good to have locks that I care for myself so no hair worries or stress. There are some questions I would like to put out here in the blog world
  • what is the best way/s to salvage books and papers that have been totally soaked through?
  • when you have to go to work at different hours (on a shift) what are some food items that can be utilized for breakfast and at lunch time (when you are preparing yourself) ? I could/should do some research but I think the responses I get here are likely to be more creative (:
  • can anyone suggest a good brand of support stockings? one that can be worn all day (:
  • and any tips for doing presentations to large groups of varying demographics would appreciated (:
  • there are some other topics I thought of today but as of now I cannot remember what they are (: but when I do I will be sure to post them?

thanks so much for your support

ps I have a post I typed a while back its gonna come after this it should have been posted first (: but eh

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Sunday, August 19, 2007


Well this might be the last post for a while....we could lose power soon. Well we a hunkering down for this one an praying and hoping we will be spared the worst. I am on the western end of the island and we are just starting to hear the winds and experience light drizzles. I have been watching the reports on the cable and it is amazing just how the media can skew information but eh sesation sells!!!!! (I must remember to post about the CNN meterologist) I really need to do an update post soon.... I been relocating, started working and so much has been happening but keeping it together for the most part and added to that we getting ready for general elections!!!! so please keep our Island in your thoughts and prayers as we try to stay safe....you all tek care till lata

one love still

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