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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Does this make me lesser than......

I do not like to read the news papers or listen to the news on the radio or the television. Because usually the content is too negative and I cannot deal with it. Everytime I do I am reminded why I don't. I can watch the British Broadcasting Corporation or even CNN but the local news here at home so negative and if there is any positive they tack it on t the end 'whats the point?'. This evening my DH and I were trying to get to the cinema to watch a movie so on the way there I was listening to the radio, I was away for a little while, so today was the first time I was listening to any news in a while and again all nagative.

What happens is that when I listen to or look at this type of communication its like I absorb the nagtive energy and it depresses me!!! real bad. So what I want to know is does this make me like I don't know any lesser than the next person I have taken the decsion not to.

Keeping abreast of whats going on at home is important for several reasons but right now self preservation is the name of the game.

one love still

My Resolutions

As usual I checked in with Brunslis blog and she was talking resloutions. I was not going to post the ones I have but I decided it might be a good way to log my progress. What I want for this year

1. Get fit I have an area of fat deposit that I want to address, so I am going to get on it, not so much with diet but with exercise and stress management.

2.Reading always wanted to increase those levels so I am going to try at it again.

3.I have been reading about the importance of cleansing and moisturising my face everyday so I bought some new products and I am gonna have a go at it.

4.I really want to run a marathon this year so I know I have alot to do where this is concerned but getting fit is on the top of the list !!!

This is what I resolve to do.
one love still

and yes there are plans too I always have plans.