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I am here to sound off on anything I feel I need to voice about as well as to share and to have others share with me. My sister locks are what got this started.... so here is to celebration of my 'nappy tresses, my sister locks' and indeed life with all it offers.

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Starter Shampoo

I am puzzeled I saw a post on Lockitup where a newbie was asking what was the name of the starter shampoo? This means this consultant did some short cuts!!!????? Isn't the starter shampoo supposed to be a part of the insallation package???? or at the very least the consultant should say where the client can get it one needs to wash the hair nuh???? Well any ways where am I going with this I will try to have a bottle on hand at all times!!!!! It certainly got me out of a rut of sorts earlier this week.

one love still

ps maybe as my consultant said my hair would eventually start producing its own oils and balance would return......I wonder could it be????

I met Dr Cornwell

Listen for a good while I just sat looking at her was like wow she is really here. She has such a peaceful spirit and she had a look at my hair and said everything was in order (: I met her last week Sat my 9 month-a-versary what a way to spend it. She came to Jamaica to conduct a training.

While she was here she did several interviews(television and radio). I also had a little feature of my locks on one of the talk shows she did. I never thought anyone would recognise me but my mum and a family friend did lol lol lol.

So I met Dr Cornwell, she gave us some tips on which sister locks product to use for particular results, did a little discussion session with her for the sister locks journal about natural remedies used in Jamaica and some of the healthy foods we eat. It was a pleasant evening and I am glad I met the lady responsible for the way I now wear my hair. She truly does not consider sister locks a hair style but she believes it is a lifestyle (wholesum).

one love still (sister locked a little over 9 month and loving it)

ps I have 2 bottles of starter shampoo and I am going to use them and then do an order for some Salon Shampoo for a loose curl pattern, reconstructor, moisture treatment and Herbal spray moisturizer!!! yes and keep my blog buddies 'posted' on the results (: . The product junkie in me should be satisfied!!! you think?????

What dont happen in a year happen in a day!!

Ok I have been to the beach 5 times this summer and for me thats a big deal sometimes a whole year goes by without a visit. I do have some pics but as a result of not yet owning a digital camera I have to depend on my friends to send them to me. So I will post them soooon.

But this is very interesting I went to the beach three days in a row (French Mans Cove in Portland, Rosehall Resort and Country Club Montego bay and Mamee Bay St Ann) And I did not rinse out the salt water until the third day. I also did not braid my hair but just pulled it up well on the third day I decided I had to wash my hair so I used some new shampoo & conditioner I bought and no braiding and banding!!!! well when I was done there was a film of white stuff on my scalp and it felt pastey.

I was in a panic and grabbed the starter shampoo wow!!! that thing cut through the build and I went to sleep with a clean wet head of hair.

So I was like my consultant is gonna kill me but I went by so she could have a look at it just to be sure.... she said everything was fine...... whew!!!!!! and then she added dont mek it happen again!!! (she made me run my fingers down the lenght of a loc and said if I was in trouble the lock would have felt soft.

Hmm could it be....... my hair has begun to settle. BTW if any one has any suggestions on what to do when I go swimming until I am fully settled lemme know. I tried cornrows they work but they hurt.

one love still

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Have not posted in a while!!!!

Ok I have been putting this off saying to myself when I get my hair ties (opps hair jewelry) (: just troubling you B and take some pics I will do a post. But I am not gonna wait so heres whats been happening. I am taking one day at a time and sometimes a moment at a time its a real is a weird thing to lose a brother younger that me in the prime of his life. I have noticed I been trying to keep myself occupied with all sorts of stuff, which pretty much serves the purpose for the mo.

I am spending some time with my only other sibling (wow is this for real) I just said that. So that is also a good thing. Off the topic yesterday my nephew was in the house sleeping and his mum, myself and a few other people were in the garage suddenly she ran to the door would you believe he (my nephew) was awake. What is it about maternal instinct that tunes a mother in to a child???? wow amazing. Its not eh first time I have seen or heard of it happening but it still was amazing !!!!

I am anxiously awaiting my hair jewelry and I feel some where down in my gut that if God gives me life there will be other purchases (: but I will keep do an update with pics once I get them.

How is the hair doing? did I hear you ask. Well I am going to try the Avalon brand as it came highly recommended from Blaq. I think I may just invest in the two types she has used and hope I get the same results (: or at least similar. Still toying with the idea of the wrap & roll I trust Brunsli's judgement even though I think we have different hair textures she does not think it is a must have so I will put it on the back burner for now.

Time is wizzing away my locks are fast approaching 9 months but I am apprehensive about milestones at this present time fully cognisant of the fact that the only time I am sure of is the moment I stand in!.

'Still' however happy to be sister locked no pun intended.

one love still waters