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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Have not posted in a while!!!!

Ok I have been putting this off saying to myself when I get my hair ties (opps hair jewelry) (: just troubling you B and take some pics I will do a post. But I am not gonna wait so heres whats been happening. I am taking one day at a time and sometimes a moment at a time its a real is a weird thing to lose a brother younger that me in the prime of his life. I have noticed I been trying to keep myself occupied with all sorts of stuff, which pretty much serves the purpose for the mo.

I am spending some time with my only other sibling (wow is this for real) I just said that. So that is also a good thing. Off the topic yesterday my nephew was in the house sleeping and his mum, myself and a few other people were in the garage suddenly she ran to the door would you believe he (my nephew) was awake. What is it about maternal instinct that tunes a mother in to a child???? wow amazing. Its not eh first time I have seen or heard of it happening but it still was amazing !!!!

I am anxiously awaiting my hair jewelry and I feel some where down in my gut that if God gives me life there will be other purchases (: but I will keep do an update with pics once I get them.

How is the hair doing? did I hear you ask. Well I am going to try the Avalon brand as it came highly recommended from Blaq. I think I may just invest in the two types she has used and hope I get the same results (: or at least similar. Still toying with the idea of the wrap & roll I trust Brunsli's judgement even though I think we have different hair textures she does not think it is a must have so I will put it on the back burner for now.

Time is wizzing away my locks are fast approaching 9 months but I am apprehensive about milestones at this present time fully cognisant of the fact that the only time I am sure of is the moment I stand in!.

'Still' however happy to be sister locked no pun intended.

one love still waters


Blogger Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

I sent you a off line personal email, hope you read it soon.

Anyway, you are looking very good these days considering the circumstances. I trust that the Lord will give you strength to endure.

Hang tough my sista!


6:36 PM  
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