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I am here to sound off on anything I feel I need to voice about as well as to share and to have others share with me. My sister locks are what got this started.... so here is to celebration of my 'nappy tresses, my sister locks' and indeed life with all it offers.

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Monday, July 03, 2006


Well they came my 'carusos' and this was the result. Though I did not get alot of curl it gave volume. I got 6 of each size in the original package so I think I am going to need some more of the small ones 12 more should do it. I had to do a part of my hair remove the rollers and then did the rest. But I still think they are a good investment and they will come in handy. Loving and experimenting with my sister locks. PS Once I can do them smaller and the whole head at one time it should be fine. Lets see what happens next time.

One Love Still


Blogger Goodnapps said...

Very lovely. The volume looks good.

4:58 PM  

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