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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Got my Classic Lucy

Ok yesterday I recieved ny classic lucy head wear for sleeping. I used it last night it is real comfortable does not feel like a thing is on my head yeah. I was using I silk scarf before but it was flattening my hair. Now I need to get me a shower cap for my shower time until I can just jump in without covering these babies. ps yes I am still doing the pics this weekend.


Blogger naadii salaam said...

hey still,

this is my first time commenting on your blog, but i always check your posts, i'm just a lurker at heart.

anyway, i wanted to let you know that i finally got around to ordering a classic lucy of my own, after reading your post. thank you sooo much for posting about this scarf, because i love it. i am going to order an lb snood from denise reed just to compare, and then i will send one to my best friend. i love the way the classic lucy stays on at night, but isn't too tight, so i don't have marks on my forehead the next morning.

just wanted to show some love and say thanks for sharing.


9:13 AM  

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