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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Going / Gone Natural

Ok I have been away for a while and I have lots to say!!! some of the stuff I can't even remember. On lock it up there was a post concerning going natural which prompted me to post the following. Many persons who are traditional hairstlist that specialize in black hair just don't want to take the time to do the research or investigation/s needed to find out what products are available and the how to of taking good care of natural black hair . When I decided to grow into my napps the second time I was on nappturality all the time and the forums were helpful in my choosing products as well as the actually taking care of my hair. It was during this time that I actually became known as a product junkie boy oh boy oyin, ashas, daily defense tender apple are just some of the brands I used (:. What I believe is this like most things in life the are worth having as we Jamaicans would say "if yuh want good yuh nose haffi run" caring for your natural hair takes time. I once thought natural hair meant no more hairdressers and as result no more hair care wrong wrong. The information age allows us all to be in formed and educated so heres what I think in a nut shell do it, get someone who can do natural hair to help you, read, talk and keep asking questions. Many women of african descent do not even know what the natural texture of their hair!!! Just go for it what do you have to lose nothing and to gain beautiful and nautral tresses.
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Blogger Ree-C said...

I agree with you. My beautician before going natural could really do hair. But she lacked education in natural healthy hair care. When I decided to do natural, my first step was to educate myself. I bought a few books on natural hair and started searching the web, where I found so much information. I think there should be a section of cosmotology school on natural black texture. I think that their textbooks are probably not written for our hair in some areas.

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