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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

WOW this is a first

Ok as per usual I take forever to update my blog. I was on vacation for about three weeks and of course I took my shampoo and rubber bands and after about 2 weeks I braided and banded and wallah they were just fine. Well it occured to me while I was doing this that this was the first time that I washed my hair on vacation. Again one of the wonderful advantages of having sister locks and I just washed and off I went.

Oh boy there is so much to tell but I guess I will do it as it comes to me. I had my sixth monthaversary on the 19th of May and it went I did not remember until a day after the fact. I still am enjoying the journey and I continue to look forward to styling, all I do now is free style and that is fine.

My husband and other persons have asked me how long I plan to let my hair grow. Right now I am thinking once I can do a nice ponytail and maybe some pin updos I will be happy. But I cannot tell you that once given the green I would not cut them!!!! any ways I have a ways to go so here is to patience and a head full of glorious locks.

One Love Still


Blogger brunsli said...

Are you really in Kingston? And if so, where do you go on vacation?

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