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Saturday, May 10, 2008

I did my First

Yes I did it my first consultation about 2 weeks ago. I never thought I would have been so nervous but It was a good thing the potential client is also friend so it made it that much easier. Of course I did alot of things on the day where if I had thought it through that would not have happened. I had to get a a antibacterial soap and a bateriocide to clean all my tools (already had my hand sanitizer). Also need a container to store the tools had to get that too all this I did on my way to the consultation (: that won't happen again I think it added to making me nervous. The night before I did I refresher to remind myself off all I needed to do and say to make sure the consultation was complete. So off I went bag and tools in tow. We chit chatted and she wanted to know why all this was necessary but I stuck to the game plan she did eventually ask questions so she benefited from it. Installed 8 sample locks in different sections of the hair and once I had completed that we talked some more and then made arrangements to make the installation appointment. I am on my way it will take practise(the more consultations I do the more comfotable I will become) but I am confident I will get it(: My consultant has graciously consented to allowing me to use her space and it will also allow for her to supervise what I am doing (I want that for at least my first three heads. So blog buddies I will keep you posted!!!

one love still (sisterlocks trainee)
ps I had to use my noted

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