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I am here to sound off on anything I feel I need to voice about as well as to share and to have others share with me. My sister locks are what got this started.... so here is to celebration of my 'nappy tresses, my sister locks' and indeed life with all it offers.

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Growth & the 'alana'

A direct comparison....I think we are making progress(: . And here is my 'alana' hairtie one of my favourites(:
one love still
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Its been a year!

I have had my sister locks for a year. My lock-a-versary was on the 19th November. I think with the exception of the mishap that happened a few weeks ago I am back on track. Looking back at the earlier pics makes me love and appreciate my locks even more and I am happy yes happy to be sister locked. My sister locks were a present from my husband for my birthday last year so that means a birthday is coming(: time to CELEBRATE. Well thought I would share these progress photos and say thanks to all my sister locked sisters who continue to offer support.
one love still
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