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I am here to sound off on anything I feel I need to voice about as well as to share and to have others share with me. My sister locks are what got this started.... so here is to celebration of my 'nappy tresses, my sister locks' and indeed life with all it offers.

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Before sister locks

A pic before I got my sister locks and then there is life after I got my sister locks!!! what do you think....
one love stilll

Easy Street??

Saw this street sign and decided I had to get a pic. Now I took alot of tooting and had to take it from the car but I got it and thats what matters nuh tru!!! yes there is an Easy street, and more scenery from the earth to the sky.... beautiful !!!!!

one love still


Is this for real

This morning I turned to the TODAY show and saw the last part of this story where a lady who had a page on my space said her potential employers looked here up and saw where she posted some uncertainties about taking the job and they withdrew the offer. Her advice was that we should google our names or the name or names in our email addresses to see what comes up. I think that was the story, and I have been trying to find the piece to make sure I got it right but I have not been able to. Now yeh I get it its the internet and all public space and place but I was very disturbed....... almost seemed underhanded. So now I have to go be careful what I put out there seen as I am job hunting and all (: dat is all if the story was tru cause you know how some people can build a story. Mum a friend and I went to St. E the odder day and we ate fish and had a good lyme here is a rare photo notice she is rocking dem sister locks.
one love still

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

How about that

So I decided to get my hair shampooed in the salon in celebration of my 18th month-a-versary and I was just feeling lazy(: So heres the deal I think I do a better job in washing it hurt and I know but this just confirmed I do not like my hair over manipulated especially by another person. I know my sclap and my hair I just do a better job, I can stop now don't. It was uncomfortable in the moment but it was set with just a few locks on each roller and I was pleased with the results the bunching in some of my locks was also streched out. The more days pass by the more I like the look my locks have now if I could just learn how to set my locks properly I would have this down (:

The SS do give me curl but I think they assist my bunching that with the colour and the fact I dont strech them enough when i use the SS at least that is my theory. Well soon I am going to invest in a dryer and then I can have a go at it but hey an occasional trip to the salon is not a bad idea(:

one love still

ps may be the next time I use the SS I will put just a few lock per SS lets see(:

Saturday, May 19, 2007

WoW eighteen months & some new finds


I know I have been flying under the radar for a while 'been busy'. Finally got done with my externship at least partially I need to complete my portfolio to hand it in for grading. But hey getting there!!! On the other note today I have had my sister locks for a year and a half and I am still loving every minute of it(: I can do a mohawk yee hee and I just think it is so cute!!! I think I am going to treat myself and go have it washed at a salon next week thats what I am talking about.

The product junkie in me could not help herself I bought some carols daughter tui shampoo and khoret leave in condish washed my hair and half the shampoo was done I know my hair was dirty but geeze!!!! but I liked how they made my hair feel and I think I will probably buy it again. Thanks Goodnapps(: I love the body butter from the body shop so my cousin introduced me to these products they are like 1/3 of the cost so I am trying them to see how I feel about them what can I say........... I love the smell of baked goods(: