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Saturday, August 26, 2006

What dont happen in a year happen in a day!!

Ok I have been to the beach 5 times this summer and for me thats a big deal sometimes a whole year goes by without a visit. I do have some pics but as a result of not yet owning a digital camera I have to depend on my friends to send them to me. So I will post them soooon.

But this is very interesting I went to the beach three days in a row (French Mans Cove in Portland, Rosehall Resort and Country Club Montego bay and Mamee Bay St Ann) And I did not rinse out the salt water until the third day. I also did not braid my hair but just pulled it up well on the third day I decided I had to wash my hair so I used some new shampoo & conditioner I bought and no braiding and banding!!!! well when I was done there was a film of white stuff on my scalp and it felt pastey.

I was in a panic and grabbed the starter shampoo wow!!! that thing cut through the build and I went to sleep with a clean wet head of hair.

So I was like my consultant is gonna kill me but I went by so she could have a look at it just to be sure.... she said everything was fine...... whew!!!!!! and then she added dont mek it happen again!!! (she made me run my fingers down the lenght of a loc and said if I was in trouble the lock would have felt soft.

Hmm could it be....... my hair has begun to settle. BTW if any one has any suggestions on what to do when I go swimming until I am fully settled lemme know. I tried cornrows they work but they hurt.

one love still


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