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Sunday, October 29, 2006

S-T-R-E-C-H-E-D maybe to the limit?????

Its funny how something Brunsli posted has taken on a new meaning now!!! I am having issues with my locks and at the moment I feel like I would cut them off!!! and go back to twisting. I spent all day yes 12 hours in the salon yesterday getting my locks streched. I have bunching issues and then after it was streched my locks were put on rollers and I went under the dryer something I have not done in a long time. Now here are my isssues I am not interested in doing that again any time soon (streching) that is. I want to wash my hair my self but I have real issues with my locks matting together and now my locks don't look they way I like them!!!!. Yesterday I felt horrible because the consultant who did my hair spent all day doing it and I was not happy when she was done. Mum said she loved it and so did another freind who saw me yesterday after I left the salon. I like big messy hair maybe thats the real issue and maybe traditional locks would have been a better route to go ): I wonder.

So I am going to pay my consultant a visit and see where I stand!!!! Several of my locks also have holes and those are going to need to be repaired my head is also tender from all the manipulation yesterday. So I have now taken the decision that this cannnot go on forever and so I may just have to give these locks sometime and then make a decision as to the way forward.
ps they do look a bit better to me today but we will see. I did not sign up for so much slavery I want freedom apparently it takes a while to get there with sister locks.

one love still (and not sure whats happening with the sister locks)


Blogger brunsli said...

Ugh! So sorry!

Are you using conditioner? Maybe you shouldn't. Have you dyed your hair recently? How often are you washing?

7:54 PM  

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