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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Thought provoking questions from Mel (:

1) Which 3 things should everybody do when visiting Jamaica for the first time and why?
  • Rafting it is tranquill and gives diversity to experiencing Jamaica
  • Drive through Cockpit Country lush, green, some parts still untouched and some of 'Ole Jamaica' can still be seen
  • and for the foodies if you eat meat you gotta try some Boston Jerk (pork, sausage, chicken) sure to make your taste buds explode (:

    2) You are offered an all expenses paid holiday to visit any 5 locations in the world. Where do you go and why?
  • I would go to Ghana, most of the slaves that came to Jamaica I believe came from that part of Africa it would be nice to see the home of my ancestors and maybe find out more about some of the practices we inherited here in Jamaica e.g. food and language to name two.
  • Scotland my research tells me that my paternal Great Grandad came from Scotland so again in the interest of tracing roots this would be one of the places additionally the pics I have seen of the place are great.
  • Rome I am Roman Catholic and I love my faith to make a pigimage there has become a dream of mine.
  • Now for the whimsical trips just because they would be free and to fulfill a dream Japan ever since I saw the pics from the last winter games held there I have been in love (:
  • Australia yeh baby this trip would just be outa curiosity but the way I love to fly hmm I dunno

3) Which film is guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes, no matter how many times you watch it?

  • This one hands down Fried Green Tomatoes and believe I have tried I cry everytime!!!!

4) What are your top 5, all time favourite songs and why?

  • Together Forever Rick Astley came out back when I was in high school and whenever I hear it brings back such fond memories
  • A Wonderful World Louis Armstrong this song epitomises how I feel about my life in this world
  • Chiqutita-ABBA my Dad would play this every Sunday (:
  • Father Bless this Offering- an offetory song we use at church and we sang it all the time at Easter when we went to church with my paternal Grandparents out side by the Easter fire!!!!
  • Reasons-Earth, Wind and Fire-for sentimental 'REASONS'

5) Which would you choose, Bun and Cheese or Bulla Cake? Why?
  • This definately depends on what I am in the mood for but I do love me some spice bun and cheese, they come individually wrapped and are plain no currants,raisin and or fruit peel with some just opened Tastee Cheese the big cheese I am good to Go (:

Thanks Mel this was thought provoking I know I took a while to answer but I was ready jus now (:

one love still

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Blogger Mel said...

Thanks for answering these :-)

I too would love to go to Australia; it's on my places to visit list.

For me it's Bun and Cheese everytime!

12:40 PM  

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