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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New tings

Well it is official grad school has started. I am in a different part of the world a new school and so learning on a lot of levels will be taking place. I was/still am a little nervous and even apprehensive but chugging along. I have to keep my eyes and ears open to this is a good way to learn the ins and outs. I had my first class and it went well so as per usual one down three to go and so far so good. So what have been up to? Once I arrived I been busy trying to get settled and stuff. Mi all tek di bus public transport but that also was a smooth process (thank God). Found a church too which is great and made it to mass this past Sunday (big up to di most high God for this as well). Well my locks are just about due for a retightening and so the search is on for a consultant here is hoping this will be well too. I took my tools and tings just incase push does come to shove and I have to do di hair myself (: So I been doing lots of walking which is a good thing and been for the most part trying to eat healthy yay!. So until a next time still is gonna make a move but as always ttyl .

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