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Friday, October 03, 2008

life in another neck of the planet

Yeh I know where have I been ?... living and learning and we all are doing that right (: I always new that really the best but not the only way IMO to learn something is though an experience/s. Experience can also expose what you are made of test your fibre/er (which ever you prefer). So for for the last few weeks I have been emersed in a new culture and I have learnt much about the 'way of life' but I have also learnt about myself. I really do not want to get into too much detail here but I know my readers get the gist. I have had to aquire some personal space and have been trying not to trespass on anybody's.

So I was due a retightening when I got to my new home and was not worried about finding someone I mean how hard could it be ?...well it was tricky I had to rely on my Cali-connections to give me the hookup. The hair was retightened and soon I will be due to go get another done (more on that in another post). It suddenly dawned on me a few days ago that in a few weeks hmmm lemme see approximately 6 weeks I have had my locks for 3 years WOW this lock-a-versary creeped up on me I guess because so much is going on. Oh I had to order shampoo when I got here and so in the mean while I used suave daily clarifying shampoo. I loved they way it made my hair feel but Brunsli advised me that it could strip my hair so that has been the one and only use. I will keep it for emergencies.

So the course is going through in new people, new home, new methods it is going. I am experiencing bouts of insomnia but I was told that execise is good so I am going to take a page from n'drea and start some yoga, I need to get it in check, I have tried tea, honey, reading so yeh I am open to any other suggestions.

This week after reading Brunsli's post I decided to wear a different hairtie everyday this week and well mission accomplished (: so I am going to keep going till I have worn them all.

Oh before I forget I have a revamped fettish does anyone want to guess what it is?????

So I am here I have not dropped off the planet..I think a ss set is in order (:

one love still

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Blogger N'Drea ~ the Storyteller said...

3 years already? Wow! Congrats, sis!

I think yoga will help. Although I'm usually energised after a class, when I hit the sack, I sleep like a baby, and wake up in the mornings feeling rested. Try it and see if it works.

Hmmmmm...whatever could that fetish be? Girl, you have me in suspense! :)

6:14 PM  
Blogger Meikmeika said...

What's the fetish..hhhmmm?

You could also try meditation for the insomnia..then again that will go hand in hand with your Yoga.

2:05 PM  
Blogger ja stu sisterlock journey said...


Hope you r good u know where I am rite? will link u soon. Take care

1:59 PM  

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